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No. 354, March 1999

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Japanese Companies in the US


In a wholesale pullback from the American market, big food processor NICHIREI CORP. is liquidating all six of its money-losing U.S. subsidiaries. These businesses include NICHIREI FOODS AMERICA, INC., a Fife, Washington manufacturer of frozen imitation crab products that has been in operation since 1988; SEA WATCH, INC. of Easton, Maryland, a seafood processor acquired the same year; Lincoln, Nebraska-based SUN-HUSKER FOODS, INC., a chicken and beef processor that Nichirei bought in 1984; and TENGU, INC., a Los Angeles manufacturer of beef jerky that the company has owned for more than 10 years. Nichirei's Seattle distribution unit/holding company also is closing, as is a Miami operation. The six units had sales of around $125 million in FY 1997. Their liquidation will force Nichirei to take a onetime charge of $83.3 million in FY 1998. From now on, the food processor's U.S. activities will be limited to buying meat, fish and seafood, frozen vegetables and similar products for export to Japan.

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