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No. 340, January 1998

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 American Companies in Japan


Although development work is still underway, CONSILIUM, INC. has selected HITACHI, LTD. to distribute its automated factory control solution for 300-mm (12-inch) chips. The Mountain View, California company's FAB300 (factory automation blocks) product family is built on the concept of the global virtual factory, enabling information to flow seamlessly between manufacturing sites, customers and suppliers using Web- based technologies. It is being designed specifically to improve substantially such key semiconductor manufacturing indices as overall equipment effectiveness, yield ramp time and cycle time. From Hitachi's perspective, one of the key selling points of FAB300 is that constructing an automated factory control system around this product costs far less and requires just a fraction of the time that existing solutions demand. FUJI GENERAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE will support FAB300 system construction and maintenance.

An exchange rate of ¥130=$1.00 was used in this report.

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