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No. 340, January 1998

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 Japanese Companies in the US


Automotive parts manufacturer SANOH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has established a joint venture with OVONIC BATTERY CO. to make and sell the Troy, Michigan company's nickel metal-hydride batteries for electrically powered two- and three- wheeled vehicles. The initial focus of SANOH OVONIC POWER SYSTEMS CORP., also based in Troy, will be the European marketplace. Under license from Ovonic Battery, a subsidiary of ENERGY CONVERSION DEVICES, INC., Sanoh already produces NiMH batteries for two- and three-wheeled vehicles at a plant in Koga, Ibaraki prefecture.

The attempt by PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC CO. to fend off an unsolicited takeover bid facilitated the sale of one of the Newport Beach, California company's subsidiaries to SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. The affiliate, AUTOMATION INTELLIGENCE INC., integrates motor and control systems for factory automation equipment and produces multi-axis controllers. It had sales of $7.6 million in 1996. Sanyo Denki, which makes motor and control products among others, previously had licensed software from the Atlanta company. It intends to expand sales of Automation Intelligence's products in Japan and elsewhere.

An exchange rate of ¥130=$1.00 was used in this report.

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