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No. 35, September 15 — With crime on the rise and new types of illegal activities appearing, Senior Economic Analyst Jon Choy reviews the ongoing process of reforming Japan's laws and judicial system. Japanese society is debating how to make its legal system more transparent and in-step with current values, as well as capable of dealing with cyber-crimes. In turn, the thinking and attitutde of Japan's judiciary also is in flux.

No. 36, September 22 — A JEI Retrospective, Part I. JEI President Arthur J. Alexander talks with past leaders of the Japan Economic Institute, beginning with the early years when the organization was known as the U.S.-Japan Trade Council. The problems Japan faced and the Washington environment in which JEI operated were both very different than they are today.

No. 37, September 29 — A JEI Retrospective, Part II. In this final issue of JEI Report, JEI President Arthur J. Alexander concludes his discussions with past heads of the institute. In response to the rapid changes in Japan-U.S. relations during the 1970s and 1980s, the U.S.-Japan Trade Council was reorganized as the Japan Economic Institute of America and reoriented as a think-tank.

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No. 35, September 15