Jon K.T. Choy

Senior Economic Analyst

Besides covering Japanese fiscal policy, financial market reform and R&D spending, Jon writes about biotechnology, personal computers, telecommunications, micromachines, advanced materials, advanced television and whatever other high-tech tidbits come down the pipe. He also monitors Japan's energy policies, fishing industry and legal affairs. As for Japan's relations with other countries, he is interested in ties with South Asia, China, Russia and the Confederation of Independent States.

He has assumed the mantle of eSystems Manager at JEI, having moved the institute away from its Wang minicomputer. Installing, checking and maintaining JEI's local-area network, keeping the computers humming, and trying to show people what wonderful things software can do if you know what to click, select or highlight keeps him busy.

Now the Powers that Be want a Web presence for no (or little) money. Geez, what do they think I am? Yes, I am JEI's Webmeister (and it shows, doesn't it?). This is, and likely always will be, a rough-and-tumble site; designed to be simple to navigate, quick to load, straight-forward and informative. As I inch my way up the HTML and Java learning curves, maybe you'll see some cutesy-tootsy stuff, but I don't have a lot of time to worry about it. My ultimate goal is to have five-years worth of reports online for searching (complete with figures and tables), to give those interested in Japan and Japan-U.S. relations a place to come for JEI's objective opinions on breaking events, and to let our subscribers (and other paying customers) download reports the day they are published (no more snail-mail!).

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