Hiroyuki Takahashi

Visiting Economist


Mr. Takahashi came to JEI in Summer 1997 from Japan's top business association, Keidanren. At JEI Mr. Takahashi works on Japanese tax policy, monetary policy, social security system and issues of current interest to Japanese corporations.

Mr. Takahashi joined Keidanren in 1985 after receiving his Master's degree in Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He has worked as a staff economist in Keidanren's financial affairs, public affairs and international economic affairs departments. Since moving to the Economic Policy Bureau in mid-1996, Mr. Takahashi has risen to the position of Deputy Manager of the Tax Affairs Group.

In 1992 Mr. Takahashi took a two-year leave of absence from Keidanren to complete a Master of Business Administration degree from Auburn University. He has used his experience in the United States back at Keidanren to work on issues of common interest to American and Japanese corporations.