Cinda Berry


Cinda edits everything that goes out the door at JEI and keep us all minding our p's and q's. She also does a lot of background research on the Internet, tracking down leads for the Japan-U.S. Business Report.

She received he BA in English and Art from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennyslvania. She also currently is enrolled in the University of Virginia's Publishing and Communications Program, where she has completed courses in Advanced Manuscript Editing, Research and Fact Checking, Computer Editing, Newsletter Design, and Production Management and Editing.

She came to JEI after working for two years as a freelance editor for Publications Professionsals, Inc. of Annandale, VA. Before that she worked at the Washington, D.C.-based HCR Consulting Group for a decade, managing various projects. In a still earlier incarnation, Cinda served as Assistant to the Director of Education and the Annenberg/CPB Project at the Washington headquarters of the Coporation for Public Broadcasting.


The Fastest Red-Pen In The East!