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JEI Report


A weekly report with reviews and analysis of both current and long-term developments in Japan and U.S.-Japan relations. Events and statistics are analyzed and interpreted to give you a clearer understanding of their significance and repercussions.JEI Report covers such topics as:

  • The Japanese Economy
  • Japanese Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Capital Market Liberalization in Japan
  • The Impact of Exchange Rates on Trade
  • Legislation affecting U.S.-Japan Relations
  • Bilateral Trade Problems
  • Japan's relations with Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America
Japan-U.S. Business Report


A monthly covering cross-national business activity by company name, location and industry, gleaned from a broad range of English and Japanese print and on-line sources.

In one easy reference you'll find information on the activities of manufacturing, financial, real estate and trading companies in Japan and the United States. Each month you'll be equipped with details on marketing plans, investment strategies and actual contracts signed by Japanese and U.S. firms. You'll know what American companies are planning to do in Japan and what Japanese companies are planning in the United States.

JEI Update


A brief monthly review of JEI's publications and activities. JEI Update is intended for readers with specific Japan-related interests that may only want to obtain the full text of a JEI publication when they feel it is relevant to their needs. JEI Update also keeps our readers current on JEI presentations at professional and academic fora, as well as any upcoming JEI outreach activities.

JEI Update replaces the Japan Economic Survey, which ended its 20-year publication life with the July 1997 issue.


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