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Mission Statement

The Japan Economic Institute of America is a nonprofit research organization supported by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. JEI is widely recognized in both the United States and Japan as an authoritative source for current information on the Japanese economy, Japanese politics, Japanese foreign policy and U.S.-Japan relations.

Founded in 1957 as the United States-Japan Trade Council, JEI is dedicated to promoting better understanding of U.S.-Japan issues. In addition to its publication services, JEI sponsors seminars and informal talks featuring U.S. and Japanese government, business and academic leaders.



The Japan Economic Institute was located in Washington, D.C. near the White House and other executive agencies. Housed in one suite are staff offices, printing and mailing facilities, and JEI's research library.

JEI's Research Library was a nonlending resource that boasts a wealth of publications and information on Japan, both in Japanese and English. JEI received on a regular basis statistical publications (mostly in English) from several Japanese government agencies, including the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Japan, Economic Planning Agency and the Prime Minister's Office. Key Japanese government publications, such as annual ministry White Papers, were available for use in the library. Books on the Japanese economy, politics and society are cataloged, as well as periodicals from Japan, both in Japanese and English. Current and back issues of all JEI publications were available for perusal as well as purchase.

The research library has been given over to the care of George Washington University and others. Here's information on its New Home.

Contact JEI

Japan Economic Institute
1000 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 211
Washington, DC 20036-5302

telephone: (202) 296-5633
fax: (202) 296-8333
email: jei_info@jei.org

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